Jan 31, 2016

Song of the Week #59

Infinite - Love Of My Life

I tend not to listen as much to idol groups' Japanese music as much, despite them being my bias (SHINee's Japanese stuff for example is for the most part horrid), but I came across this song of off Infinite's newest Japanese album on my Tumblr feed a while ago and decided to give it a go. I cannot explain with words how this song made me feel inside, as it brought all kinds of emotions up to the surface, and if there's still anyone out there claiming this isn't a vocal group I would show them this and leave them just as speechless I was. Oh my goodness do they sound good; no not good, perfect. If you haven't listened to it yet you're seriously missing out on some rock-ballad brilliance with some of the best vocal work I've seen from this group.

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