Oct 11, 2016

What I've Missed - August & September

Hi guys...long time no see, right? University life has been off to an incredibly busy start since in Sweden we don't have a orientation week, we have several orientation weeks. I've been settling into my new home, getting into a good studying rhythm and attended countless parties and other activities surrounding school and my new classmates. Everything has been fantastic and I'm loving every minute, so much that I've had to put this blog aside for the month of September. Now I intend to make a comeback, I guess, but I don't think I will be posting as frequently nor will I be making posts that are as long and intricate as the ones you're used to seeing. I want to keep this blog alive somehow because I  love to rant about all things K-pop, but I will have to cut down in some ways because there are only 24 hours in a day.

Anyhow, here's a fun little post about the stuff that was released in September and how I've been enjoying all the comebacks as of recent.

Cosmic Girls - Secret

As I wrote earlier this year I was less than impressed by Starship's latest girl group Cosmic Girls, or WJSN, but this comeback has been slaying me for weeks. The video is crazy and unlike their lukewarm debut this time they're truly living up to their cosmic name. I wasn't blown away by the song at first but it grew on me quickly and I can't deny that I have been singing along to it now on and off for the past couple of weeks. Although I have to admit that part of the reason I even wanted to check this comeback out in the first place was because of the addition of I.O.I's Yeonjung, so I guess the tactic does work, at least in my case. But the fact that the song and video are fantastic too is what actually kept me interested. I've also just realized how insanely pretty these girls are and how many talented vocalists and dancers they have, and I've been watching this dance practice video more times than I like to admit. Not only do they have a lot of interesting formations (which is a given due to the member count) but there's something incredibly satisfying about watching so many people dance execute a choreography this synchronized.

Song: 4,5/5
MV: 4,15/5

NCT Dream - Chewing Gum

When I saw the first teaser picture for youngest member Jisung (who's born in 2002!!!) I freaked out. I'm not ready for pre-teens to debut in any way, no matter how talented they may be. The rest of the members were revealed to be known SM Rookies Jeno and Jaemin, Mark and Haechan who've already debuted and two completely fresh faces; Chenle and Renjun. All of them are born in the year of 2000 and later apart from 99-liner Mark, who now suddenly became the oldest member of a team. Because of their ages I have a hard time being truly supportive of this new NCT unit, even though I enjoy the song and video. Thankfully both are extremely age-appropriate and it's so cute and harmless that it makes me cringe and smile like a fool at the same time. Yes, they're cute and all of them are talented and the choreography with the hoverboards is awesome, but they're just too young. It makes me anxious to know that from this point there will be a lot of idols debuting that are born in 2000 or later, which makes me feel really old and creepy. As much as I would've wanted to be a fan of all things NCT I just can't do it with NCT Dream, but thankfully they will surely have enough fans in their own age to support them. I'll just wait for Johnny and Hansol to debut.

Song: 3/5
MV: 3,5/5

Red Velvet - Russian Roulette

No but seriously I have been obsessed with everything about this comeback by one of my favorite girl groups, Red Velvet. At first I wasn't too crazy about the song neither did I understand the video, but at the second listen I was already hooked and have been singing and listening to this song like a maniac the entire month of September. It's kind of a new genre for this group, one that they themselves has described as neither their "Red" nor "Velvet" sound but rather a combination of the two, and I can understand the reasoning. It's a softer electronica sound with more subdued vocals whilst still being fun and energetic. The concept is, as usual, spot on and I love that SM are trying new ideas with each comeback because it keeps it fresh and original. Everything about the video is brilliant; the plot, the styling and the editing as well as some unique styling and flawless choreography. I feel like they're finding their own path and niche more and more each comeback, and being present in the journey of their musical identity is truly a blessing.

Song: 4,85/5
MV: 4,5/5

Infinite - The Eye

Infinite finally came back about three weeks ago after over a year's hiatus, and you can only imagine how excited I was. Although I loved "Bad" in many ways I was craving something new and exciting and thankfully "The Eye" delivered just that. Infinite has done quite a lot of concepts throughout the years but one that they keep going back to is the same one that captures this comeback; dark and dramatic. It's not unsurprising that they do return to this style because they pull it off so well and it suits their image and sound perfectly. This song another Rphabet production, who've done most of their recent releases, and it's definitely a different sound compared to their earlier Sweetune days, but it's a development I'm in huge favor. "The Eye" has some weird parts and a, at first, surprising instrumental breakdown, but overall it's a solid song and the choreography definitely makes it better (it's probably their best one in years). The MV is a bit confusing but I love all the gayness dramatic scenes, and I'm forever astonished by now Myungsoo can look so good even with a beat up face. But then again they all look flawless here and this styling is practically God's worth compared to "Bad" last year.

Song: 3,8/5
MV: 4/5

Got7 - Hard Carry

Oh Got7, what do we do with you? Why does JYPE hate you so much? Why do you keep on releasing awesome teaser videos and underwhelming videos? Why can't you get better songs?!
As you can tell there's a lot of frustration with this comeback because once I get I feel let down and disappointed. I like that they're trying to go for a series of some sort with this being the second installment of "Flight Log", but the strings don't attach anywhere. Not only did "Fly" provide absolutely no content whatsoever in regard to the overlaying plot although it had a promising teaser, but the exact same thing happens with "Hard Carry", but with a worse song. The MV teaser looked really interesting and I was looking forward to it, but this video is really underwhelming and the song is everything I didn't want.

If Got7 wants to be the kind of group to do these kind of songs they need to actually improve in all areas necessary. The rapping is even more prominently terrible than usual and the vocal delivery isn't all that great too. Not even the intense choreography can save this. I say it's really fortunate that Got7 are such sweet, funny and attractive guys because otherwise I'm sure half of their fan-base would not exist, me included. As usual with this group I end by saying that I know they can do better than this, but I'm starting to believe they won't be given another "If You Do" to actually show it.

Song: 2/5
MV: 2,85/5

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