Jan 8, 2017

5 Favorite Debuts Of 2016

This will probably be my last post regarding my 2016 favorites as I am now in the middle of revising for my upcoming exam, and it will be about whose debuts caught my eye last year. For this ranking I am only judging based on the actual debut content, not the groups' debuts as in what they've managed to do during their debut year. No comebacks will be considered but only the debut MV, song and concept. There have been several rookie groups that I've liked based on the comebacks they've been having (and those will be mentioned as well) but whose actual debut content wasn't that impressive. Thus the groups that you'll find below are those who did catch my eye right from the beginning. Let's jump into it!

Astro - Hide & Seek
Bildresultat för astro hide and seek
I already mentioned this debut when ranking my favorite dance routines of 2016, because the choreography for "Hide & Seek" was definitely a big aspect in me liking Astro's debut. However I did like the song as well as the cute MV, but mostly I loved the concept as it had a youthness and freshness to it that I haven't seen in a rookie boy group in a long time.

KNK - Knock
Bildresultat för knk knock
Cringeworthy lyrics aside, this song grabbed my interest right away with it's bombastic chorus (although I do like the verses a lot more), and the visuals of this group was also a attraction. With this debut as well I was intrigued by the dark and mature concept which also felt new and exciting compared to all the EDM and hip-hop-influenced groups that have been coming out lately.

NCT U - The Seventh Sense & Without You
Relaterad bild
NCT 127 might be the more permanent unit out of NCT and was also the one to win a rookie award, but I was completely floored by NCT U and their singles, which were both very different from each other and from typical SM music. Everything was impressive; the songs, videos, dancing, rapping and singing, and it's a shame that nothing NCT has put out since has been as good.

K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa
The most recent debut out of all of them was K.A.R.D's, which did take me by surprise. As I mentioned in my review of their debut MV I am totally down with the co-ed aspect of the group and the dynamics that might create, but I also really liked the song. All of the members are clearly talented and I hope that DSP can utilize that and promote this group as much as possible.

Luna - Free Somebody
Bildresultat för luna free somebody
Although not technically a new face on the scene; f(x)'s main vocalist Luna did make her awaited solo debut in 2016 with "Free Somebody" and blew everyone out of the water. The song was fantastic, the video was creative and original and the choreography both sexy and challenging. Not to mention the mini-album, which had me in love at first listen.

Honorable Mentions:

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

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