Jun 24, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Girl Groups (Part 1)

I originally thought about doing this in a particular order, but it was just too difficult. It was especially frustrating trying to narrow the final 5 groups down, and I had no clear winner either. I'll admit that I'm not as big of a fan of girl groups as I am of bit groups and I'm not as emotionally invested in them either, due to my heterosexual orientation mostly, but I do have a few girl groups on my radar. I've developed a huge admiration for all the women in the entertainment industry, because they have it about ten times harder than their male counterparts, and I've grown fond to many of them along the way. While my liking of various boy groups partly depend on how fast they can make my heart race and how many feels the give me, I like the girl groups that I do much more because of their music and image.

So, here are, in no particular order, my favorite girl groups as of now!

Girl's Day

Song That Made Me A Fan: Don't Forget Me (2012)
Favorite Member: Yura/Sojin
Favorite Song: Don't Forget Me
Favorite Video: Expectation 
Favorite Choreography: Expectation
Favorite Pairing: YuraxHyeri
Favorite Concept: Expectation
Prettiest Member: Yura
Most Talented Member: Sojin
Most underrated member: Sojin
Funniest Member: Hyeri
Additional Notes: Such a pretty group of girls. They will get even bigger and better as the years go by.

After School

Song That Made Me A Fan: Flashback
Favorite Member: Nana
Favorite Song: Dressing Room
Favorite Video: Because Of You/Shampoo
Favorite Choreography: Flashback
Favorite Pairing: NanaxLizzy
Prettiest Member: Uee/Nana
Most Talented Member: Jungah/E-Young (Back in the day: Kahi)
Most Underrated Member: E-Young, for obvious reasons.
Funniest Member: Lizzy
Favorite Concept: Flashback/Bang!
Additional Notes: Pledis Sucks. After School rocks. 


Song That Made Me A Fan: Bo Beep Bo Beep
Favorite Member: Eunjung/Hyomin
Favorite Song: Like The First Time
Favorite Video: Roly Poly
Favorite Choreography: Bo Beep Bo Beep/Roly Poly
Favorite Pairing: None
Favorite Concept: Roly Poly. But most of their concepts are great. 
Prettiest Member: Jiyeon
Most Talented Member: Eunjung
Most Underrated Member: Eunjung/Hyomin (both girls are great singers and dancers but rarely gets credit for it)
Funniest Member: Not sure.
Additional Notes: Great Music. Shame about the scandal that ruined what could have been Korea's #1 girl group.

Foto Spica di Majalah OhBoy! Edisi September 2013

Song That Made Me A Fan: Painkiller 
Favorite Member: None
Favorite Song: Tonight
Favorite Video: Tonight
Favorite Choreography: You Don't Love Me/Lonely
Favorite Pairing: None
Favorite Concept: Tonight
Prettiest Member: Juhyun/Jiwon
Most Talanted Member: Bohyung
Most Underrated Member: Narae
Funniest Member: Juhyun
Additional Notes: Amazing vocals. With the right marketing this group can go very far.

Nine Muses

Song That Made Me A Fan: Wild 
Favorite Member: Erin/Hyuna/Kyungri
Favorite Song: News
Favorite Video: Wild
Favorite Choreography: Figaro
Favorite Pairing: None
Favorite Concept: Wild
Prettiest Member: Sera/Minha/Erin
Most Talented Member: Sera
Most Underrated Member: Hyemi
Funniest Member: Erin
Additional Notes: Visuals - Check. Music - Check. Deserving amount of success - Still unchecked. I believe in you, girls!

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