Feb 10, 2015

"Pretty" is the Word for Infinite H's New Video

Infinite H - Fly Again

The first sub-unit of Infinite debuted a little over two years ago (it's crazy how time flies, guys) with a concept pretty much no one had ever associated with the main group: hip-hop. Still, it made perfect sense because both Hoya and Dongwoo are good enough rappers, and since they're also the group's best dancers and possess some decent singing skills, it would be stupid not to let them shine on their own. Seriously, if you have not one but two triple-threats in your group, you should allow them some alone time in the spotlight.

For being hip-hop, however, Infinite H chose a slightly more unexpected route. Well, for their title track at least. Although I really liked "Special Girl", both the video, song and Dongwoo's cotton candy hair, it felt a bit too cute in some aspects. The styling was kind of horrendous too but somehow I fell in love with it anyway, mostly thanks two Dongwoo and Hoya's tremendous talent and adorable charms.

For their comeback, it seemed they would stick with the light-hearted, fluffy type of hip-hop, and I did feel kind of unexcited about that. Don't get me wrong, I love these boys to death, but the impression I first got wasn't all too fascinating. When I finally watched the video however, I had never felt more pleasantly surprised.

Just like "Special Girl" the song is extremely lovey-dovey, which I guess is appropriate because Valentine's Day is coming up soon, but the way it plays out in the video is actually less so. The set up scenario for the video's plot is a trial featuring prosecutor Hoya, lawyer Dongwoo and the subject a.k.a. the "pretty" girl. Already the mood is tense between the two sides, as Hoya actually spits in his hand before slapping Dongwoo's away, and the arguing only intensifies as the girl remains completely neutral.
Infinite H - Fly AgainFlashbacks are a big part of the storytelling in this one, as we are allowed to witness several cases where the beauty of the girl in question causes various accidents for two duo. There's a car accident, the "fender bender" where Hoya crashes into Dongwoo as a result of being blinded by her prettiness, as well as a market accident resulting in the boys falling over and crashing into stocked up items. All this because she's so pretty, of course. In the end of the video, the jury gives the sentence and she's found innocent, much to Dongwoo's happiness and Hoya's resentment. However, she leaves them both hanging and it looks like there was no winner after all. All that fighting for nothing.

Not only is the plot gold, but there's so much comedy incorporated in the video I can't help but to put a silly grin on my face. Since everything is as exaggerated as it is, there's a natural funniness about, from their actions to their reactions. Merely seeing the duo interact  and bicker is hilarious, because of their unique chemistry and individual personalities that allow them to play off each other, as well as making themselves look silly in front of the camera in a really funny manner. Other hysterical moments include Dongwoo stretching with the help of two shopping carts, Hoya climbing on top of the table and Dongwoo seeking comfort in Hoya after the girl's rejection.

Infinite H - Fly AgainThis video isn't in any way meant to be taken seriously, it's pretty much the opposite of that. Infinite's regular image is the more tense kind, so I feel like Woollim has really let itself go with this duo. It's colorful, much like "Special Girl" and takes on a more animated tone with the pop-art inspired set designs and pop-up quotes. It works so well because of the video's comedic nature, as it does portray more of a fantasy world both in terms of plot and acting.

As for the visuals of the video, I'd say there's definitely room for improvement in the styling department. Like with their debut, there's really no coherent theme to be seen and most of the clothes they're wearing are simply unflattering. It's not like they're bad looking guys, but they do look a bit funny here, and that's not in a good way. Additionally, Dongwoo's Confederate flag pants are huge miss from their management's side, and although they're changed in the video it's still feels a bit icky. I do love their haircuts though, and their faces are always nice to observe and admire.

Infinite H - Fly AgainDancing-wise, I don't have much to say judging from the video alone because it's much more plot-centered. However, the choreography that is featured is mainly made up of back-up dancers and not so much the duo itself apart from the chorus, and even the chorus isn't particularly memorable. I remember thinking that I was disappointed with the choreography for their debut track, and the feeling I have is pretty similar now. It does seem like they're focusing more on the rapping and generally just grooving along rather than showing off their skills as trained dancers.  I do see how a complex dance routine wouldn't match the vibe of the song, but I had really hoped for something more exciting.

To conclude this review, I will to say that I'm quite enjoying this comeback. The song is nice and smooth, the video is brilliant and I love how fun it looks like the duo is having. It's amazing how easy it is to tell how much someone is enjoying their given concept, and for Infinite H it's nothing but joy.

Song: 3,5/5
Video: 4,05/5

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