Feb 8, 2015

Video of the Week #1

Because sometimes, I really want to share a video or two with y'all. Seriously, what would us international K-pop fans be if we didn't have video platforms to watch cute clips, funny variety shows or amazing performances? Probably nothing. Thanks to all the brilliant, hardworking sub-teams out there, we get to understand what they're saying most of the time too.

Jonghyun on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook

[ENG] 150123 Jonghyun at YHY's Sketchbook by msiashawol

YHY's Sketchbook is honestly one of my favorite programs, as it regularly puts some well-deserved spotlight on South Korea's music scene, and not only idols. I've discovered plenty of amazing singers, rappers and groups thanks to this show, and I also happen to love Yoo Hee Yeol himself and his charming way of hosting.

Freshly debuted solo artist Jonghyun visited the show on his own for the very first time, and performed not only his title track "Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)" but also a shorter version of SHINee hit "Juliette". He also gave a great interview, talking about the process of writing song and his musical influences among many other subjects.

 My main reason for showing this clip though, is his live singing and performing. This version of the title track featuring the new love of my life Iron, was lifted to a much higher level than I've ever witnessed before. The live music added a well-needed push to the otherwise somewhat weak instrumental, and the clear sound system gave Jonghyun a chance to show everyone what he's made of. All in all, it was a stunning performance


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