Nov 20, 2015

SNS Friday #5

Hyoyeon, Yoona and Sooyoung are #squadgoals at their concert rehearsal.

Sujeong a.k.a Ryuvely ( a mash-up between her surname and "lovely") looks pretty as usual.

Ett foto publicerat av @erine0503

Euaerin is ready for a Nine Muses comeback and so am definitely I.

Ji Chang Wook doing what he does best; looking handsome.

Acknowledged cat lady Hyorin shows her love for her cute furry friend.

Dahye flaunts her flawless self.

A sexy Leo and Ravi show their #1 trophy. Congratulations boys!

f(x) end their "4 Walls" promotions with a dorky group photo.

Effortless beauty Hyomin looks great in everything, even bathrobes!

Model Nam Yoon Soo is a total cutie pie. I mean look at him.

In other news of idols taking pictures with their pets: here's Jaekyung and her pup.

Hyemi showing her best side to the camera. What a stunner.

Key has indeed mastered the art of taking a handsome selca.

The third and final idol-pet duo this week is Jungshin and his playful golden retriever.

What's better than one pretty Nayeon? Four, of course.

The ever so stunning Moon Hyunah blesses us once again with her existence.

Jessica Jung is on vacation in Hawaii and I'm so jealous of everything.

Model Byun Woo Seok and Beenzino in on picture? I have officially deceased.

Last but not least we have Moon, who just has the most beautiful face ever.

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