Nov 20, 2015

Suzy Looks The Best She's Ever Done For 1st Look; Overrated Who?

I know it's probably a bit overkill for me to write an entirely separate post on this photoshoot that Suzy did with 1st Look as it will end up in my December photoshoot round up, but it's over a month until then and I had to share this with you. It's well known that Miss A's Suzy is a phenomenon, but for some people, international fans most often, she's not that pretty. Like what many think about SNSD's Yoona for example; they're pretty but in a plain, average kind of way. I guess it's because of the different beauty standards of East Asia and the West, but I can totally relate because I didn't find either of the two more beautiful than any other female idol. I gave into the Yoona craze quite quickly though because let's face it, she's a doll, but Suzy took longer. 

It wasn't until last year that I finally started to see what other people around me had been saying, and this year I have accepted my fate as a Suzy-lover. I do think she has gotten better looking with age though, as she's grown into her looks in a spectacular way over the years. She's gone from being a cute teenager (a phase in which I didn't find her very pretty, maybe because of the bangs) to a mature, elegant and stunning young woman. Every time I see her now I'm astonished by how beautiful she looks, and I'm sure she will get even more gorgeous as time passes. 

She recently shot with 1st Look, and this photoshoot is a bit different seeing as she's dressed in a traditional Korean Hanbok. The hair is tied up, the makeup is very minimal and natural and the result is magical. I originally found hanboks to be quite beautiful and when put on such a stunner like Suzy the outcome is close to perfection. This might actually be one of the most breathtaking shoots I've ever seen, because not only does she look fantastic but the photography is amazing and the colors are divine. 

I cannot comprehend how these photos can be this beautiful. 

The way the photos are captured make them look like paintings instead of pictures. 

The softness, the elegance and the femininity of this shoot is incredible. 

Even the B-cuts are fantastic. I'm actually emotional looking at them, and on top of that filled with gratitude to the photographer, styling team and other staff members that together with Suzy made this photoshoot happen. Consider me blown away. 

Photo credit: 1st Look

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