Feb 20, 2016

Allow Me To Celebrate: Nam Woohyun Is No Longer Blonde


9CZ1X04.pngWith maknae Sungjong returning from the jungle (he took part in variety show "Law of the Jungle") the boys of Infinite just had their encore concert Infinite Effect Advance earlier today in South Korea. While attending the press conference there was something that wasn't quite right, something that felt different, and what was noticed was that there was no longer a bright blonde head among the boys. You heard it, Woohyun himself, a.k.a everyone's favorite Namu, is no longer blonde. I would like to have a moment of silence for all those who've suffered through this long period of bleach and dark roots, me being one of those people.

That time is over now, as Woohyun has gone back to the color that suits him the best; dark hair, or black in this particular case. May it remain this way for a long time. I also would like to congratulate the boys on their concert and can't wait for the fancams. Infinite jjang!

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