Feb 19, 2016

SNS Friday #18

It's a visual overdose when actors Ji Soo and Nam Joo Hyuk come together for a selca.

Everyday I'm loving Jihyun's blonde hair more and more.

Stunning model Lee Chul Woo takes a selca and looks, well, stunning.

Ahyoung shows off her new dark hair, which looks great although I already miss the blonde.

Cutie pies Kihyun and Jooheon show off her charms in separate selcas.

Kyungri goes back to black, and looks magnificent as always.

Beast's musical motor Junhyung looks handsome in black and white.

Ett foto publicerat av @artist_eunji

Vocal powerhouses Eunji, Ailee, Solar and Luna get together for a group selca.

On route towards becoming an actress, Goo Hara poses beautifully for the camera.

Ett foto publicerat av 박신혜 (@ssinz7)

Park Shin Hye, Yuri and Sooyoung celebrate their university graduation. Congratulations!

Ett foto publicerat av KYUM (@yu_gyeom)

Yugyeom also celebrates his own graduation, but high school in his case. Congrats nonetheless!

Ett foto publicerat av KSY (@w_n_r00)

One of my favorite vocalists, Seungyoon, smiles cutely for the camera.

Although I'm not loving AOA Cream's debut I am loving Hyejeong's candy hair.

Like her group member, Subin also shows off her new dark hair color.

Rainbow's most well known visuals Woori and Jaekyung take a selca together.

Three out of five 4Minute members show off her fierceness in their cool stage outfits.

Sweetheart YoungK wishes his followers a happy Valentine's Day. What a cutie!

Chorong continues being beautiful and shares this lovely picture of herself.

Seo Kang Joon and fellow "Law of the Jungle" member Chansung look super hot together.

Ett foto publicerat av KEY (@bumkeyk)

Another hottie is found in Key, who's somewhat of a selca expert in my opinion.

Fei takes a selca from within JYPE's walls, and she looks gorgeous as usual.

Forever underrated stunner Yoonhye is really shining in this round of promotions for Rainbow.

Last but not least this week is Jinwoo, who continues to baffle everyone with this divine looks.

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