Feb 12, 2016

SNS Friday #17

Everyone's favorite social butterfly Heechul takes a picture with the ever so lovely Yura. 

Cutie pie Hyemi shows off her long legs in this pretty mirror selca.

The beautiful Wonder Girls get to together to celebrate their ninth anniversary. Congratulations!

Luna looks super cool and hip in casual wear and chic sunglasses.

AOA's youngest members Seolhyun and Chanmi take a cute selca together. 

Ultimate sweethearts Sana and Dahyun make one pretty pair of girls.

Hyuna shows off her beautiful smile and looks amazing doing so.

Long-time friends Hyomin and Yuri share a selca from an outing together. 

Jaekyung blesses everyone's eyes with this stunning selca.

No one can compete with queen Suzy's unchangeable beauty. 

Real-life sisters Gong Seung Yeon and Jungyeon show off their close bond (and genetic superiority).

Subin proves she looks amazing in all kinds of pattern, striped included. 

Ett foto publicerat av KEY (@bumkeyk)

Key flaunts his divine face in this sultry black and white selca.

Princess Sunmi makes an awaited return to the selca scene. 


Another pretty female duo this week comes in the form of Gayoon and Jiyoon, a.k.a 2yoon.

Ett foto publicerat av @jbmtjr.jsyjbbyk

On the male side however we have Mark and Youngjae, a.k.a Coco's (their dog) dads. 

Another week, another handsome Minhyuk selca. Keep up this trend, please!

Ett foto publicerat av @erine0503

Euaerin is back to brown hair (and no bangs?) and she looks fabulous. 

Lito serving some creepy (but appreciated) Jaejoong-similarities with this hot selca.

Happy birthday to SNSD's very own Sooyoung, who recently turned 26!

The birthday girl herself in a gorgeous pink suit, surrounded by celebratory balloons.

Three out of five members of Winner pose happily for the camera.

Last but not least there's Jisook, who ups her selca game for Rainbow's upcoming comeback.

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