Feb 26, 2016

SNS Friday #19

Welcome to this week's SNS photo spree! To start off this post we have Jisook and Woori being cool cats.

There can never be too much pretty Naeun, right?

Jei looks super hot and gorgeous in a short white dress.

Hyejeong continues to be visually flawless in her cotton candy pink hair.


I don't even know what's going on in this picture, but Jihyo, Jungyeon and Mina are cuties as usual.

Another cutie is found in Seunghoon, who seems to be only getting more and more handsome.

Here we have Luna and a photobombing Amber being the most adorable.


Although I will say that Minhyuk and I.M are quite adorable as well.

Hyuna and Hyemi are all dolled up in school uniforms, probably in preparation for their concert.

Acknowledged beauty queen Suzy shows off her flawlessly sculpted face.


As does the always so fantastic Eunji, who looks great in this lighter hair color.

This group picture of my darlings f(x) after their Japanese concert makes me so happy.

Onew looking cute on his way to the press conference of his new drama "Descendants of the Sun".

Hyuna shows off a softer and more natural look and pulls it off flawlessly.

Soyou takes a picture with husband material #1 Gong Yoo. Yup, I'm super jealous. 

The always so pretty Minha looks gorgeous in black hair and a red dress.

Sungjong and fellow "Law of the Jungle" co-star Seolhyun snap an on-location selca together. 

Jessica Jung is indeed a flower among the flowers with this beautiful picture. 

Cutie pies Eunha and Yerin pose playfully for the camera. 

Finally we have the constantly underrated stunner Jaekyung, who's always looking on point.

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