Jan 8, 2016

SNS Friday #12

Let's start this week's post off with this unbelievably pretty photo of Minha!

Red Velvet follows sunbae SHINee's footsteps from last week with a hilarious group selca.

One Jiyeon is great, four Jiyeons is greater than the greatest.

Co-stars Go Ara and Yoo Seung Ho look so good together it's not even funny.

Miss A's china line Jia and Fei gather together for a cute couple picture.

Another day, another flawless Luna selca. She looks gorgeous!

Lime shows off a beautiful beach of Hainan, and an equally stunning self.

Ett foto publicerat av @isayhousayya

Three men in black, a.k.a 3/7 of Infinite, look great but why is Sunggyu hugging a pillow?

Both the former and current members of Dal Shabet celebrate the group's comeback.

Mino is showing off his comeback-prepared hot looks. Only three days left now!

Princess Sulli looking angelic as usual in a striped shirt I wish I owned.

Not that Yonghwa isn't normally attractive, but him with a snowboard in full ski gear is just ridiculous.

Seolhyun looks pretty even in bad lightning. Happy late birthday!

Inbäddad bildlänk

How can someone be this beautiful in only a white t-shirt? Ahyoung continues to amaze me.

Bang Yongguk needs to stop being so goddamn hot (and by that I'm meaning he never should stop).

Etheral queen Moon Hyunah shows of her flawless shoulders and gorgeous smile.

I don't know where Hyorin is right now but I do know I want to be there too, badly.

Sowon looks like angel sent from heaven with her white dress and long hair.

92-liners and friends Jin, Ken and Sandeul share a photo from their ski vacation.

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